Welcome to Our Blog about The Bruce Trail

This blog describes our walk along Ontario's 900 km long Bruce Trail .   We hiked parts of the trail as independent day hikes, other sections as participants in organized End-to-End hikes, and we thru-hiked the Peninsula and Sydenham sections. It was a wonderful experience that changed the course of our lives, by inspiring our love of long-distance hiking.   For those of you interested in hiking the trail, we have included a description and review of the clothes and gear we took with us.   Thank you for reading, and we hope you enjoy! To follow our hike across Canada on the Trans Canada Trail / Great Trail click here To follow our hike across Portugal on the Camino Portuguese click here To follow our hike along the East Coast Trail in Newfoundland click here To follow our hike across France on the Via Podiensis (GR 65) click here To follow our hike across Spain on the Camino Frances click here We hope you enjoy!

Posting Soon!

While our adventures along the entire Bruce Trail have concluded our writing hasn't!  Our apologies for the delays in posting quickly, however we are currently on the Trans Canada Trail hiking 28,000 and are slower with other projects at the moment. Check back soon!

Hike 11 : Finding Balance in Nature - Tiffany Falls to the Village of Waterdown

Today we were very excited to get hiking, since we had now walked past Hamilton city centre and were now on the northern side of Lake Ontario in our second section of the Bruce Trail !   For this hike, we tried something a little different.   The starting point was at Tiffany Falls just south of Dundas Valley Conservation Area , on the main trail.   However, today we had decided to venture 4 km down the Webster’s Falls Side Trail to explore Tews Falls, and then continue onto Waterdown Village stopping when we reached the Smokey Hollow Side Trail. When we started the day off we were the only ones in the Tiffany Falls parking lot.   We began with the short (420m) walk down the Tiffany Falls Access Trail, and were awarded with a beautiful view of water cascading down the escarpment in the morning light.   The first time Sean, Saryon, and I had visited this falls it was winter and the falls were frozen solid.   At that time there was a group of climbers just finishing their decent of the